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International Company Formation

Stanley Davis Group has over 50 years’ experience in forming international companies. Our team of consultants are on hand to find out about your specific requirements and take you through the process from start to finish. Once your offshore company is set up in your chosen jurisdiction we can also provide a range of expert services to help you in company maintenance.

Incorporating outside the UK with offshore company formation can provide the following benefits:

  •   Tax efficiency and minimisation – it can be advantageous to utilise the low or fixed corporation tax levels of some jurisdictions
  •   Protection of assets – assets held by a non-UK company can enjoy additional anonymity and an enhanced separation of ownership from the beneficiaries
  •   Confidentiality – banks and the registering authorities are understanding of the sensitivity of the international market place and competition, and respect the confidentiality of the corporate structures
  •   Global status – incorporation in the international arena raises the profile of the company to customers and competitors
  •   Trading worldwide – the international company facilitates worldwide trade

Choosing the right jurisdiction

Our in-house international consultants can help with your particular requirements and offer information on:

  •   Company formation and annual renewal fees
  •   Domiciliation requirements in respect of resident officers
  •   Ongoing compliance requirements
  •   Local services, including company administration
  •   Banking facilities and services
  •   Communications internationally
  •   Political stability and supporting corporate legislation
  •   Local laws and regulations
  •   Confidentiality in respect of banking and public disclosure

Please click one of the flags below for examples of useful information on popular jurisdictions.


Bahamas IBC

British Virgin Islands


Delaware Inc

Delaware LLC




Isle of Man



New York

New York Corporation


United Kingdom

UK and International Tax Advice

Our international tax consultants can also advise you on and help you to achieve the best tax structures for your business.

All our services are performed on a competitive fixed fee basis, agreed in advance with you.

Tax Advice

Company Secretarial Services

For companies with international business operations, managing tax compliance and fulfilling the constantly changing requirements of individual jurisdictions can be complex and time consuming.

Our team of accountants and chartered secretaries will help you maintain your statutory accounts in a timely and efficient manner. Using our access online portal, you can access the records we keep for you at any time.

Stanley Davis offers a complete Company Secretarial service

  •   Filing of all statutory forms, annual returns, AGM and EGM minutes, resolutions and annual accounts
  •   Appointment and resignation of directors and secretaries
  •   Maintaining of statutory books, including Register of Members, Officers, Directors Interests, Minutes and Debentures and persons of significant control
  •   Producing company profiles when requested
  •   Change of registered office documentation
  •   Change of accounting reference date documentation
  •   Transfer and allotment of shares, including all paperwork and certificates

*Burgeoning legislation regarding money laundering and annual corporate compliance may at times require additional administrative work from us, which may result in additional charges.

Accounting and Taxation Service

In addition to forming and maintaining companies offshore we also offer advice on tax structures. We have an in-house team including international tax consultants who can advise on and help achieve the best tax structures for our clients. All our services are performed on a competitive fixed fee basis agreed in advance with our clients.

UK and International Accounts Preparation

We can assist with the preparation of your annual accounts for both management and statutory purposes. Please contact us to enquire about this competitively priced service


We will prepare your annual accounting records, it is as simple as sending us all your purchase and sales invoices, and we will do the rest. We can also assist with the preparation of your sales invoices if you so require.

Corporation Tax Return Preparation

We can assist you with your end of year account preparation process, with the preparation of the tax return and agreement of the amount of tax payable with the tax authority.

Accounting and Taxation Service
Accounting and Taxation Service


Outsource your payroll registration, monthly processes and year-end filing to Stanley Davis Group for a fraction of the cost of an accountant. Complete payroll services costs start from just £300 (plus VAT) a year, and includes:

  • Registration of the Company with the Inland Revenue to obtain a PAYE number
  • Collecting and paying over income tax to the Inland Revenue each month
  • Collecting and paying over the employer’s and employees’ monthly national insurance contributions to the Inland Revenue
  • Production and dispatch of monthly pay slips to employees
  • Production of end-of-year certificates for employees
  • Production of the employer’s annual returns
  • Issuing of leaving certificate when necessary
  • Calculating additional liabilities as a result of ‘benefit in kind’ taxation rules

VAT Registration and Administration Service

Please see our additional company services page for information on our VAT registration and Administration service.